Maddy & Brock Dane
AUG 2001 to DEC 2001 (0-4 mos) Maddy and Brock have been laughing since November, 2001, and were soon to be showing off their new teeth. Brock cut his first teeth in December, 2001. By the age of 8 months, he had 6 teeth. The upper and lower, central incisors are fully in, while the upper, lateral incisors are just visible. Maddy had her first teeth - the two lower, central incisors- erupt in March, 2002. SEP 2003 to JAN 2004 (0-4 mos) Dane had a small white spot announcing the appearance his first tooth just before 3 weeks old. His tooth would not be cut until February. Brock cut his first tooth in under his fourth month, which is fast. Dane is so much bigger than the twins after the first month. Like Maddy and Brock, he doesn't have the rolls of baby fat. So far, it has been much easier with one infant than two at the same time. We are even getting some decent sleep. Guess we are now battle-tested parents. Dane started smiling in November. He likes it when Papa hoots like an owl or laughs. Dane will even laugh back. I think we will be raising another boy who likes to be silly.
JAN 2002 to APR 2002 (5-8 mos) As for feeding, the plan is to nurse Maddy and Brock for the first year. We were occasionally supplementing with a bottle of formula at night, but we no longer do this. We started giving them rice cereal in January, 2002. They pretty much stopped any bottles in January and have been sipping water or juice out of cups since then. Maddy especially enjoys this. They are not holding the cups themselves as of May. By February, we moved on to oatmeal and barley. We started with fruit, bananas, applesauce, prunes, and sweet potatoes later in February. They were squealing for joy by March, 2002. By the end of April, we have included many other foods, including peas, green beans, chicken. FEB 2004 to MAY 2004 (5-8 mos) Dane cut his first tooth, lower left, front, February 24th, 2004. It appeared as a small, white spot on the gums just 3 weeks after birth. March 3rd, his lower left, front tooth was cut. His upper right, front tooth was cut on March 29th. Two more teeth were cut on April 2th - upper left second incisor and lower right second incisor. Dane said his first word - Mama - on May 7th, followed by Papa on May 19th.
MAY 2002 (9 mos) In May, we started giving Maddy and Brock food which they can grab and feed themselves, such as zwieback toast and banana pieces. Maddy tends to flip over much more than Brock, especially during the night. Brock is crawling a little. He can scoot backwards easily. He is just learning to go forward. Maddy doesn't seem to have any interest at the moment in crawling. We think she will go straight to walking. Both can pull themselves to a stand if you hold out a couple fingers to grab onto. Maddy is close to sitting from a lying position all own her own. They have been sitting without tipping over for at least a couple months. They have started trying to vocalize real words. It is not quite there, yet. They kind of grunt, Hi. Maddy sometimes waves a little, also. Every night at bedtime, mom reads My First Prayers, a book given to them by Grandma Merlin. When they see a picture of a cow, they MOO along. Again, not quite a real moo, but they definitely recognize cows and try to moo. JUN 2004 (9 mos) On June 14th, Dane clapped with a loud "Yeah!" The next day, he was pulling himself into a stand by holding on to our fingers. On June 24th, he pulled himself to a stand in his crib. He looks like he will be crawling any day now.
JUN 2002 (10 mos) It is now June 26, and we can say that Maddy is definitely crawling now. Both Brock and Maddy have been moving around a bit, but Maddy has the traditional crawl mastered. She is able to sit up on her own and is close to pulling herself up to a stand without falling over. When Brock gets into crawling position he tends flops down to his stomach dolphin kick. It looks like he will probably follow suit with Maddy in a couple weeks. They both are experimenting with a variety of sounds, including multiple syllables. Mama seems to be the only intelligible word at the moment. They love to listen to their Grandmas on the phone. They respond correctly to touching several of their body parts when asked to, especially heads, noses, and chests. The most rewarding thing is that they have so much fun being around each other. Brock and Maddy will try to make each other laugh several times throughout the day. In the morning, especially, they like to gently headbutt and rub foreheads while waking up. JUL 2004 (10 mos) Dane is now mobile. He crawled for the first time on July 2nd. We were driving out to Wisconsin for Grandma Merlin's 75th birthday celebration when he crawled at the hotel in Mitchell, South Dakota. Of course, his target was a television cord and electrical outlet when our heads were turned. Dane was baptised at St. Joan of Arc in Oconomowoc, WI. Now that he can get around on his own, he crawls after Brock constantly. Brock used to ignore him when he was younger, so now it is payback time.
JUL 2002 (11 mos) Wow, the kids have been soaking up so much the past 3 weeks! Mid-July and they seem to be learning something new almost daily. Brock is moving around pretty well now, but not the prettiest crawl in the world. Maddy likes to pull herself to a stand all the time. She even attempts to climb over the gates. Pretty good since she can't stand without holding on to something. We went out for tacos the other night and I decided let Brock try to sip my Lime Agua from a straw. He did it on the first attempt. They both love to beat on their chests and make Tarzan or Carol Burnett-like sounds when you ask them to be King Kong. Maddy has had a couple rough nights recently as it seems that her first four top teeth might be coming in at once. AUG 2004 (11 mos) Dane is starting to make animal sounds. He growls like a bear on cue. He gets very excited when music is turned on and his brother and sister are dancing. He kind of looks like a head-banger when music comes on. Not sure if this is a coincidence or if he really is rocking to the music. Though, he does enjoy crawling into our bed room and turning the power on to our stereo. He is able to reach the piano keys now and likes to play tunes for everyone. Dane and Brock love to play with each other now. Dane will tackle Brock and climb on top of him while head-butting his chest, causing Brock to laugh hysterically. He likes to pull objects out of their place and put them back in, such as taking stuffed animals out of their box, clothes out of Brock and Maddy's drawers, spoons out of the dishwasher tray or plastic containers out of a kitchen cabinet. He has the same focus Brock had when he was younger, such as putting a straw into a hole. He seems to share some of Brock's other traits, such as being silly and laughing heartily.
AUG 2002 (1 year) We are quickly approaching Maddy and Brock's first birthday. Maddy had been standing without any support for about a month until she decided that August 20th would be a good time to walk solo! A couple hours later, she went on to take second place in the Baby Crawl Race held at the North Seattle Families of Multiples picnic at Meridian Park. We thought Brock would be the champ as he can really put it into overdrive. Brock pulls himself up and eases back down all the time now. He is just starting to try to stand without support. Though, he spends most of his time cracking himself up when he does this before quickly falling. He will probably get serious soon as he starts to realize that his sister is moving upright. They are both expanding their jibberish vocabulary. They are interacting quite a lot now. They enjoy chasing after each other and making each other laugh as they try to eat meals. SEP 2004 (1 year) Dane is now howling like a wolf, puckering like a fish and making elephant trumpeting noises. He is definitely rocking and dancing to music. He seems partial to rock music and the Snoopy song. By mid-September, Maddy taught her little brother his first ASL sign for more. Dane is able to identify all the Dora the Explorer characters. On September 13, a week before his birthday, Dane walked for the first time. He took about 15 steps and moved about three feet before coming to a stop in front of some blocks. He managed to keep standing in place for a while, before falling down after he realized he couldn't go any further. Dane turned one on September 21st. His rate of learning seems to be increasing hugely. He is definitely showing similar traits to Maddy and Brock. He is very interested in books and will bring them over for you to read. He points to everything while appearing to say this as if he is asking to know what it is. After you name it, he moves on to the next object. He is pretty much eating anything that we eat now.
SEP 2002 (13 mos) We decided to keep birthday celebrations to a minimum, and had a few friends at Meridian Park. Cousin Amanda made the flight out for the event and was joined by Bob Anderson, Shauna Bommersheim and Paula and Jarrett Olson. We had balloons and hats to help get everyone in the mood for a fiesta. Maddy and Brock didn't really seem to be too interested in the goings on, but did dive into their birthday waffle. They made out like bandits, and enjoyed playing with their new toys. Grandma Merlin came out for two weeks to help while Richard took a trip out east with work. The kids had a lot of fun with Grandma and are really going to miss her when she leaves. Maddy has her own word for Grandma which she uses consistently when she sees her. Brock still isn't walking, but he's getting close! He has eight teeth and seems to have a bunch coming in at the same time. Maddy is more or less running around the house now, much to the chagrin of the dogs! His favorite foods are any fruits, Gerber fruit puffs, cheese, peas. OCT 2004 (13 mos) Dane's learning seems to be taking leaps and bounds. He is showing many traits similar to Brock. He likes to pick objects up and hold on to them for long periods of time. He enjoys acting silly and has quite the sense of humor. Like both his siblings, he loves books. He will motion for us to read books all day long. His vocabulary is still pretty limited, but he is starting to expand it. He will point to objects and say this constantly. He loves Dora the Explorer and can now say backpack. He is a competent walker now in any direction but backwards. It just took a couple days of practicing walking around the house before he got it. Similar to Maddy and Brock, he loves music and turning on the stereo. The twins music taste seemed more diverse at this age. Dane definitely gravitates to rock and grooves to tunes like a headbanger. He has added snake and skunk to his recognition of animals. He will hiss for snakes and hold his nose for skunks. Dane is now eating at the table with the rest of us and eating everything we eat.
OCT 2002 (14 mos) Brock is now up and about! He made it up by about the middle of the month, and has been going non-stop since. He has an infectious giggle which seems to happen at the drop of a hat. They love chasing each other by the windows, and in and out of the curtins.Up and Down is one of their favorite games to play, especially if someone is standing outside the livingroom window. Halloween was a big event with Richard working on his costume for most of the month. Brock and Maddy were Batman and a Ladybug while Richard was Robin and Lisa a flower. We hit 3 different Halloween celebrations and the kids were great at all three. They have already become quite the social butterflies! NOV 2004 (14 mos)
NOV 2002 (15 mos) November was a rather quiet month (as quiet as can be expected with twins!). Brock is now able to keep up with Maddy, although he takes a few more spills than she does. He is now cutting 8 more teeth. Hopefully they will come in soon so we can all get a good night's sleep. Their vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. They identify each of the dogs, and have specific sign language signs for about a dozen words. We went swimming for the first time at our health club. Both were a little nervous at first, but seemed to enjoy it once they got used to the water temperature. Once he was out of the water and dry, Brock ran up and down next to the pool squealing with delight. DEC 2004 (15 mos)
DEC 2002 (16 mos) It appears that this month is Maddy's turn to cut a bunch more of teeth. Their vocabulary continues to grow. It makes the crabby times shorter as they can usually let us know what they want, either by sign or word. Brock loves to point out and verbalize stars and the moon. We topped of our Christmas tree with a homemade star for his benefit. Maddy enjoys smelling the tree and looking at the ornaments. Brock especially likes his yellow bear ornament from Kim Olson. They continue to love music and dance when it is playing. They love to act out Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Itsy, Bitsy Spider and the Mail Time song from Blues Clues. On their first birthday, back in August, they didn't really know what presents were about. They definitely have the unwrapping and gift thing down now. We have decided not to overwhelm them at Christmas by allowing them each to open a present a day leading up to Christmas. Bubbles have been another source of amusement. They like equally popping the floating bubbles and blowing their own. The best milestone that occurred this month is that they have started to hug and kiss each other. It is fun watching Brock try to squirm away when Maddy wants extra long hugs. Apparently, Maddy and Brock have learned Big Hug from watching the Teletubbies. JAN 2004 (16 mos) Dane tries to emulate his siblings. He has his set of chores, such as closing the portable dishwasher and helping to roll it away. He puts his cup in the sink and carries his used diaper out the dog door. At the grocery store, he will get out of the cart and help unload groceries onto the conveyor belt. He started saying Cuzco's name recently.
JAN 2003 (17 mos) The interaction between the two keeps increasing. They love to chase each other and try to make each other laugh. They attend a weekly music and dance class intended for 6 month to 18 month old babies. The program is called Kindermusik. There has been a little shift on how they look at books. Previously, the focus was always on the pictures. In the past month, they now seem to focus on numbers, too. They both can count to 4 now. Brock is especially proficient with numbers and can recognize and let you know all numbers up to 10. His favorites are 2 and 9. Uncle Bob says they love the number 2 because they are twins! Ah, of course. They also recognize a couple letters, especially T. Having us read books to them had been one of there favorite pastimes. Now, they prefer to draw with their Magna Doodles board. On the homefront, they have been quite the little helpers. They like to open up drawers and toss out all the clothes, then put them back in. When it is time to watch a video, they will turn on the tv themselves, as well as close the cabinet door when it is over. After a changing, they will walk their diaper or dirty clothes over to the child gate and "slam dunk" them over the side for us. Every night, we read the same night-time story. Afterward, they will attempt to put the book back in the same place. FEB 2005 (17 mos) Dane's interest in books has moved from the pictures to the letters and numbers as well. He will attempt to count. Though, he keeps repeating the word one. His vocabulary is increasing at a high rate. He pronounces Brock and Maddy's name now. He says I love you. Like Maddy, when he gets frustrated, he will bite. Brock has been the main target again. Brock was the only non-biter. Dane no longer is happy eating small slices of banana. He wants to eat from the whole banana on his own with the peel draping over his hand, just like his siblings. We go through at least 3 bananas daily. We might need to invest in some Dole stock.
FEB 2003 (18 mos) Holding hands with each other and playing ring-around-the-rosie seems to be the latest source of amusement as of early February. They also love putting on their shoes and jackets and going outside. Throughout February, they seemed fascinated by numbers and letters. Brock can count to ten. He asks for things by pointing at an object and saying something that sounds like "would ya". Maddy is wild and crazy at home. She has been pretty reserved when around strangers. Though, she seems to be breaking out of that shell a bit. It looks like the terrible twos might be starting. Brock, especially, is starting to throw little tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. He will lurch himself backwards with no regard to where he lands. Luckily, we haven't had that display in public. Favorite foods - carrots, eggs, Veggie Booty. MAR 2005 (18 mos) On March 1st, Dane counted to three using all the correct numbers and he read his first sentence. Dane's first sentence read was I am Sam! from Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. He is a very proud little guy reading it. He will wait until you are focused on him and then after reading, will look up immediately for recognition. Favorite foods, carrots, peas, Veggie Booty, Clifford Crunch cereal, Rice Krispies, raisins and his favorite - apples.
MAR 2003 (19 mos) Brock and Maddy have learned the art of sidewalk chalk drawings. They love to head into the alley and over to Aliya's driveway to draw on the blacktop. Brock is a whiz on shapes. He can find circles, triangles, diamonds, squares and rectangles in everyday objects. His specialty is the hexagon! They both continue to love to sing, dance and doodle. APR 2005 (19 mos)
APR 2003 (20 mos) It is amazing. Brock and Maddy are doing great with numbers and letters. Brock can now count up to 20 in English and 10 in Spanish! He is only 19 months. Maddy also does a solid counting job to 10 and does the first part of the alphabet well. Brock can get through most of the alphabet in order. Maddy loves to point out the different colors. We are not sure if Brock is just not that interested in colors, yet, or if he is color blind. Lisa carries the gene, so there is potential for him to be color blind. Favorite colors - yellow and green. Packer colors even! MAY 2005 (20 mos) Dane is right there with his siblings with counting, alphabet and shapes when they were his age. He counts to 14 pretty well. He can count to 10 in Spanish as well. He will sing the ABC song which you can make out about half of the letters. Circle, rectangle, triangle, oval, star, heart are shapes he picks out easily. He sometimes get squares and will try to find octagons. His 2 year old molars are both in now. The first one came in two months ago. He continues to absolutely adore Cuzco and enjoys to tell her to get the ball.
MAY 2003 (21 mos) On May 7th, Whitby's 14th birthday, Brock in his eagerness to get out of his crib in the morning, learned how to climb out all on his own. Lisa was freshening up before getting him when she heard a big thud, then a wail. She rushed into the bedroom to find Brock lying on the floor. He now sports a shiner for his trouble. We now have figure out what to do with his crib. My dad suggests putting the mattress on the floor and turning the crib upside down. This would convert the crib into his own little pen or bastille. We could let him out by lowering the gate at our leisure. Lisa doesn't seem so keen on this idea. So, we will need to change from a crib to a bed in the near future. Our friend, Bob, gave Brock and Maddy their first computer program called Reader Rabbit. They are on their way to becoming computer-savvy before they turn two. We created a lullaby music CD, Sleepy Time, a while back of various artists. That has been a hit. Brock's favorite song is Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli. He loves to sing the long operatic notes with Andrea. Maddy is a chip off the old block and grooves to Bob Marley. They both are big fans of a couple Kindermusic CDs, especially the ABC song, as well as Moby and the album, Play. They have recently discovered Raffi and love his Boom Boom song from his Singable Songs Collection. JUN 2005 (21 mos) Dane knows most of his colors, with his favorite being orange. He likes to point out the color of all of our eyes.
JUL 2003 (23 mos) They continue to be fascinated by letters and numbers. This fascination has progressed to some basic reading. It was quite a shock to be looking at a book with Maddy when she read the word Zoo out of the blue early this month. They can spell out a couple words, such as their names. In the past, there had always been pictures to go with the word. But it appears that they now recognize some words on their own. I think it might be in our interest if we can teach them to tell time so they know when it is time to get up in the morning - or rather when it is not time to get up yet! Dancing and singing is getting wilder and more polished daily. Brock's latest fancy is doing the Happy Birthday song and dance routine from Blues Clues Rhythm and Blue video throughout the day. He can't seem to get enough. AUG 2005 (23 mos) Dane's took a big vocabulary leap with talking in short sentences, instead of just single words. He loves to jump and dance. He loves to sing, too. His favorites are Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, Kiss' Rock and Roll All Night, Queen's We Will Rock You, the Zoboomafoo theme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and If You're Happy And You Know It. He is outgrowing his sea life bucket hat that we love. REI doesn't make it anymore, so we will be finding him a new style soon. His siblings each have Packer slouch caps, so his second birthday may be time for him to join the club. His latest chore that he loves to do is to help set the table and divide food up on all the kids plates in preparation for dinner. Dane spent some extended time riding the tricycle from the first time.
AUG 2003 (2 yrs) The latest obsession has been listening to Brian and Shauna Schrader's wedding CD. They request Harper several times during the day. They are able to select and play the music on our their own. They learned how to turn on the power and change the CDs on the stereo in our bedroom months ago. They are especially smitten with the following songs off the CD - Not Fire, Not Ice by Ben Harper; Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant; I Believe by Tea Leaf Green. Throw in other requested favorites of the Play album by Moby, Legend album by Bob Marley and Con Te Partiro by Andreas Bocelli and we are pleased by the growth and variety of their musical tastes. Though, we do get many normal kiddie song requests, especially anything by The Wiggles. Videos of choice are: The Wiggles; Blues Clues; Dora The Explorer; Kipper; and A Charlie Brown Christmas with Snoopy. Other milestones... they are now counting up to 30. Lisa has taken up geography with them. They are able to point out all the continents and a handful of states, including Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Florida and Maine. Maddy appears to be the more athletically coordinated one at the moment. She is able throw, kick, hit or catch balls well. Brock just doesn't seem to be as interested in catching. Instead, he enjoys it when the balls bounce off his head. And his throws go backward as often as forward. SEP 2005 (2 yrs) Dane turns 2! His favorite foods are corn on the cob, cucumbers, tater tots, spinach with dressing, rice krispies, cheese, milk, mandarin oranges.
SEP 2003 to OCT 2003 (25-26 mos) The twins have adjusted quickly to having a younger brother. Maddy has been obsessed with Dane since the very first second she laid eyes on him. Brock adores his brother, too. He calls him Little Brother Dane all the time. It took about 2-3 weeks for Brock to get over Dane's crying. He is a sensitive little guy and would start crying with Dane. Happily for us, he now understands that all babies cry. OCT 2005 to NOV 2005 (25-26 mos) Dane has been wanting to try using the toilet. No results yet. He is pretty good at kicking the soccer ball. His throwing and catching of balls is pretty good as well. He enjoys throwing tennis ball to Cuzco (KooKoo as he calls her). He has a hard time with the S sound, especially at beginning of words. When asking him to say snow, we often ask him to make a snake sound first. That works well.
NOV 2003 (27 mos) Brock and Maddy are definitely in their Terrible Twos. They communicate very well, but if they are tired or hungry, they forget to talk and think that crying or tantrums are the way to get what they want. No major fits outside of home to this point. Brock seems to now have the hang of throwing and catching. He is still number obsessed. Brock counts to 40 easily. He can point out any number to 100 and is able to count to 100 by 10's. He even counts to 1000 by hundreds. His dreams must be filled with dancing and numbers or dancing numbers. Maddy keeps showing how big a girl she is now. She wants to dress herself, as well as Brock, get into her own chairs, and has even jumped from diapers to starting to use the grown-up toilet as of November 20th. Brock followed just a couple days later with wanting to try using the toilet. The two are on their way to being potty-trained. One more to go! DEC 2005 (27 mos) Dane had his first success using the toilet. Twice now with #1. We will see if he can try do #2 on the potty as well. The first step to no more diapers is on the horizon. He is occasionally using the pronoun I correctly now. Though, me is still used the majority of time, regardless of the sentence. He talks to Papa every day at work. He is starting to use the correct respones to questions of How are you? and Who are you? In the past he would often mix up the response of Dane and Fine to those questions. He is getting close to being able to spell or recognize his name in writing. He counts to 20 well. He still needs some work on the alphabet. But he loves books, so we know he will have a big spurt in letters and numbers soon. He is a singing fool with Christmas carols. Like his siblings, Christmas appears to be his favorite holiday, followed by Halloween.
DEC 2003 to APR 2004 (28-32 mos) Brock is reading now. He is just continues to be obsessed with letters, words and numbers. He can even spell many words forwards or backwards. Perhaps Nettie is still making her presence felt? Maddy has some sight words, especially road signs like Stop, One Way and Open. Brock can also write the alphabet and numbers. Maddy seems to be motivated by his writing and wants to learn. We just started working on state and world capitals. JAN 2006 to MAY 2006 (28-32 mos) Dane started taking swimming lessons with Mom at Meadowbrook Pool this January. Dane went fully under water a couple times with Mom, despite his protests. He did just fine. Hopefully, soon he will try on his own. Brock and Maddy start with lessons in February up in Mountlake Terrace.
MAY 2004 to AUG 2004 (33 mos - 3 yrs) Maddy has picked up writing the alphabet and numbers by the end of May by attending Papa School. We had a nightly ritual of her tracing letters and numbers that Papa drew on a Magna Doodle. She was fully potty trained in May. By early June, both knew around 20 state capitals and 5 or so world capitals. Brock amazed his eye doctor by telling her the capital of Australia is Canberra after finding out she was from Australia. He had to get glasses June 3rd as Brock recently had an issue with one of his eye's crossing inward. He was diagnosed with accomodative esotropia type of strabismus. Brock's reading kept progressing rapidly during the summer. He sounds out unknown words very well. He pronounced Continental Breakfast from a Super 8 Motel sign during a rest stop in South Dakota on our trip out to Wisconsin in July all by himself. In August, he was doing silent reading, where before he would say the words as he read them. Maddy has been making progress in her reading during the of summer. She has a great memory and can recite a story without really reading. But she is now starting to pronounce words and get some of them. I think she will be reading by Christmas. Maddy wants to help with everything. Maddy is very encouraging to Brock when he is nervous about anything. She will step in to show him that it is OK. She loves to run and is showing some serious form. She has gone to the Ultimate Frisbee fields a couple of times and has shown an interest to play. She seems to be a natural at throwing. She has caught a serious case of the Why's. Brock is still not potty trained. He will go pee in the toilet, but seems anxious about pooping. He will run off and want his privacy, then wants to be changed. Brock and Maddy turn 3! JUN 2006 to SEP 2006 (33 mos - 3 yrs) Dane turns 3!
SEP 2004 to FEB 2005 (3- 3.5 yrs) Since Dane has been crawling, mid-summer, Brock has finally come to a realization he has a brother. He loves to play with Dane. His favorite is when Dane crawls or walks over to Brock and tackles him. Maddy has started to read on her own with some first grade reading level books, such as Dick and Jane stories sent by Mammy. She enjoys hearing Berenstein Bears stories from Mom. Brock has discovered the Russian pastry of piroshky. It is now one of his favorite foods. Pancakes still are number one, along with carrots. Maddy still enjoys cereal, such as grapenuts or kashi, and grapefruit. Her tastes are wildly diverse, while Brock tends to stick with the foods he knows. Everyone tried sardines in February. Maddy, no surprise, was the only one to like them. She has even requested them at other meals. At the end of February, mom introduced bar and pie charts. Brock and Maddy love to plot fuitloops on the graphs, matching the bar or pie slices to the number of fruit loops, coloring in the charts, then eating the spoils. As of March, the CD of choice is Here Come the ABCs by They Might Be Giants. OCT 2006 to MAR 2007 (3- 3.5 yrs) Dane turns 3.5.
MAR 2005 to AUG 2005 (3.5- 4 yrs) Brock and Maddy turn 4! Brock finally is 100% potty trained as of July. He had been wearing underwear for months, except at bedtime as he refused to go poop on the potty. Maddy was potty trained a year earlier. Maddy's favorite foods are edamame, Panda Puffs cereal, strawberries, milk, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, sea food (salmon, shrimp and crab especially), tomatoes from our garden. Her favorite number is 1,000. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite book is Abiyoyo. Maddy's favorite songs are Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, Kiss' Rock and Roll All Night, Addams Family theme, Shrek movie's I'm A Believer. Brock's favorites foods are apples, McVities Digestives biscuits or HobNobs, spinach, piroshky, Pagliacci cheese pizza, carrots, waffles, pancakes, sugar snap peas orange juice. His favorite is 9. His favorite color is green and white like his number 9 shirt. His favorite books are any alphabet or number books. Brock's favorite songs are Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, They Might Be Giants 4 of 2 and Alphabet Nation, Kiss' Rock and Roll All Night, Batman theme. Maddy and Brock selected their own songs in which we burned into a couple CDs each called Hodgepodge I and II. APR 2007 to SEP 2007 (3.5- 4 yrs) Dane turns 4!
SEP 2005 to FEB 2006 (4-4.5 yrs) December brought along a couple more obsessions for Brock and Maddy. Brock was given a magic kit which he refused to part with for days. He is very into card tricks. Maddy and Brock finished reading the Magic Tree House series by the end of 2005. They are eagerly waiting for the latest Merlin Mission book part of the series that comes out in April. Brock is also obsessed with planets and our solar system. Brock and Maddy start with swimming lessons in February up in Mountlake Terrace. Dane started taking swimming lessons with Mom at Meadowbrook Pool this January. Super Bowl Sunday, February 6, 2006, Maddy and Brock went completely underwater at the pool practicing for their upcoming swim lessons! Later in the day, Maddy curled her tongue to display a trait that must be inherited from Mom. Seattle Seahawks lose to Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10 after playing an overall better game. OCT 2007 to MAR 2008 (4-4.5 yrs) Dane turns 4.5.
MAR 2006 to AUG 2006 (4.5-5 yrs) Brock and Maddy turn 5! APR 2008 to SEP 2008 (4.5-5 yrs) Dane turns 5!
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