Below are some of the names on Papa G's list for child #3, which eventually became Landon Dane Merlin Grassy, known simply as Dane or Big Dog. During the pregnancy, we did not know the gender of our child. Dane is a Wisconsin-themed name in keeping with the naming convention of the twins born 2 years earlier. Washington-themed name of Reyna was the most likely name if a girl was born. The full name might have been Reyna Estelle Merlin Grassy with initials REM. One of our earliest memories of each other was from an REM concert in Madison, WI. Reyna is inspired from King County, WA. Rey is Spanish for King, while Reyna is the feminine meaning Queen. A potential nickname of Rain from the Seattle rain would have been in the works. Estelle is Lisa's mom's name. Lisa only seriously considered Landon, Dane, Bailey, Cameron, Reyna, Samantha.

Table 1. Names list for child #3
Boy Girl
First Middle First Middle
Apollo Merlin Isis Merlin
Baird Merlin Bailey Merlin
Bram Merlin
Cam Merlin Cameron Merlin
Finn Merlin Estelle Merlin
Griffin Merlin
Harper Merlin Harper Merlin
Landon Merlin Halle Merlin
Oslo (Ozzy) Merlin Katerina (Kat) Merlin
Paris Merlin Luka Merlin
River Merlin Mia Merlin
Sterling Merlin Raven Merlin
Trey Merlin Renee Merlin
Troy Merlin Sage Merlin
Van Merlin Samantha Merlin
Wyatt Merlin

Table 2. Wisconsin or Washington-themed names
Boy Girl
First Middle First Middle
Bucky Merlin
Bo (Lambeau) Merlin
Cooper Merlin
Dane Merlin
Fox Merlin Fox Merlin
Harley Merlin Harley Merlin
Lafayette Merlin
Lincoln Merlin
Marquette Merlin
Pierce Merlin Pierce Merlin
Rainier Merlin Reyna Merlin
Sawyer Merlin Tally (Talieson) Merlin
Verona Merlin
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