AUG 2001 G-POD

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Birth News

On St. Patrick's Day, we announced that we are expecting twins. Now, we are finally at the end of the pregnancy and ready for the births. Friday morning started out slowly. Lisa was taken off the pitocin Thursday afternoon to stop the contractions and let her rest. Friday afternoon, the nurse restarted the pitocin. The doctor did a couple checks of the cervix from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Lisa was progressing at a nice pace. The doctor felt that she might deliver sometime between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am the next morning. If she had not delivered by 10am Saturday morning, then there would be a c-section. Lisa started getting uncomfortable by 7:30 pm. Around 9:00 pm, the doctor checked the cervix and determined that it was time to deliver. Our niece, Amanda, was going to be in the delivery room with us, but she was out having dinner. I placed a couple calls to her cell phone and only got her voice mail. I let her know she had to get here immediately or miss out. About 15 minutes before Baby A was born, Amanda came flying into the delivery room with pizza inhand for papa. We were glad to see her. Every time I looked around the room, there seemed to be more people crowding in. At one point, there were 15 people in the room, including Amanda, Lisa and myself. We had a compilation music cd playing in the background. We decided if one was born during a Ben Harper song, then Harper would be the name. At one point, the Charlie Brown theme song was playing. Lisa got a little giggly and proclaimed the baby to be named Snoopy if he or she were born at that time. Amanda helped with Lisa's position during pushing while my job was to count the duration of pushing. At 9:42 pm, I got to announce the birth of our daughter in stereo with our niece. She rested on top of mom while we waited for Baby B. At 10:32 pm, our son was born. They were relatively easy births. The placentas, on the other hand, were not as cooperative. They required her to dose up the epidural in case they had to get aggressive pulling them out. She was dosed too high. Amanda immediately noticed that Lisa's blood pressure was dropping. It got down to 55 over 33. Pretty scary for a moment. After the mini-ordeal, we chilled out in the delivery room until 4:30 am before they moved us down to the recovery room. It was all a very enjoyable experience. At least for Richard.

It took us 6 days after the births to assign real names for Paperback Writer and Creed. We have decided upon Zoë Madison Merlin Grassy and Richard Brock Merlin Grassy IV. Both will have two middle names, one being Lisa's family name of Merlin. We will call each by their other middle names, Brock and Maddy, Wisconsin themed names. Brock is Gaelic for badger. The Badger State of Wisconsin is where Lisa and I grew up. Madison is for the city in Wisconsin where we met. We will abbreviate Madison to Maddy. The name Richard is a nod toward tradition, as I am the third Richard George, after my father and grandfather. I wanted to add a twist to that tradition by coming up with a different middle name (or, in this case, 2 middle names). Since Richard Brock Merlin is different than Richard George, we were not sure if the fourth was appropriate. But we can't locate any source that says we can't. Afterall, he is the 4th generation Richard in a row. As for Zoë, there is no significance other than we like the name.