OCT 2004 G-POD

Halloweenies - 31 Oct 2004


Maddy picked out this year's Halloween theme of the Kiss rock band. She dressed up as Starchild. Brock went as Catboy. Mom went as Gene Simmons. We felt Dane was a little too young to sit still for Space Ace makeup, so he went as a roadie instead. Papa ran out of time making costumes, so he went dressed up as Dad Gone Mad videographer and documented the Kiss band's Halloween in Seattle. We made the usual rounds which included the North Seattle Families of Multiples Halloween Party and neighborhood trick-or-treating.

KISS 01 G-Pod
KISS 02 Mom Dane
KISS 03 Maddy

Starchild Maddy

KISS 04 Twins
KISS 05 Brock

Catboy Brock playing the part of the tempermental superstar.

KISS 06 Twins
Explicit Babble
KISS 07 Dane


KISS 08 Dane