OCT 2005 G-POD

Halloweenies - 31 OCT 2005

Happy Halloween G-Pod

Papa (Flying Monkey), Maddy (Wicked Witch of West), Mom (Dorothy), Brock (Lollipop Guild), Dane (Lollipop Guild) on our way to the North Seattle Families of Multiples Halloween Party.

T-Birds 01
T-Birds 02

Papa won his bid at the Seattle Thunderbirds' Halloween Auction on David Linsley's jersey. The T-Birds, of WHL, pick 2 or 3 special days during the season to wear themed player jerseys that are auctioned off immediately following the game. They modified their Thunderbirds logo to have bat wings, plus changed their traditional blue and green colors to black and orange.

T-Birds 03

Papa and David Linsley

T-Birds 04
T-Birds 05
Papa Screwed

Halloween and Hockey, a recipe for a splitting headache!

Aquarium G-Pod

Maddy (Wicked Witch of West), Brock (Ghost), Dane (Bat) haunting the Seattle Aquarium.

Seafair Pirates G-Pod

The famous Seafair Pirates of Seattle.

Dane Maddy Gloves

Maddy, next to Dane, trying on her gloves and hat for her Dorothy the Dinosaur costume.

Pumpkin Carving G-Pod

Mom, Brock, Dane, Maddy de-seeding the pumpkins.

Trick or Treat G-Pod 01
Trick or Treat G-Pod 02

Trick or Treating at the University Village Mall.

Trick or Treat G-Pod 03

Getting ready for neighborhood Trick or Treating.

Trick or Treat G-Pod 04
Trick or Treat G-Pod 05
Trick or Treat G-Pod 06
Trick or Treat G-Pod 07
Trick or Treat G-Pod 08