OCT 2007 G-POD

Halloweenies - 31 Oct 2007

Halloween is a big event with our household. We make two sets of costumes. The first set is a theme for the whole family, which was DEVO this year. For the second set, each of the kids get to decide on an individual costume. We attended several Halloween events: North Seattle Families of Multiples (NSFOM) Halloween Party; Green Lake Pumpkin Flashlight Hunt; Seattle Waterfront Trick or Treat; and U Village Trick or Treat.

Halloweenies DEVO

Dane, Maddy and Brock as DEVO. Homemade costumes using syrofoam discs and lots of red duct tape.

Halloween Party DEVO

On the way to the NSFOM Halloween Party, 20OCT2007. Whip it!

Waterfront Trick or Treat

Brock (Vampire), Dane (Bobby), Maddy (Pippi Longstocking) on the Seattle Waterfront Trick or Treat, 28OCT2007.

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi meets another Pippi Longstocking!

Seafair Pirates

Seafair Pirates, a NW icon, passing out doubloons.

J.P. Patches

Meeting J.P. Patches, another NW icon, in the Aquarium.

Trick or Treat 04

G-Pod with a mysterious orca at the ferry terminal.

Trick or Treat 01

Halloween Trick or Treating at U Village, 31OCT2007.

Trick or Treat 03

Fellow Kindergartner Emma C. joins G-Pod.

Halloween Robot

Slick homemade robot with voice synthesizer.