OCT 2008 G-POD

Halloweenies - 31 October 2008

This year's family theme for Halloween was laundry! Dane was a laundry basket full of dirty clothes, Maddy was a washing machine, and Brock was a dryer. The washer and dryer were made out of boxes. I adhered white contact paper around the boxes with foil tape used as chrome around the bottom. Holes were cut out for the head and arms, as well as in front where a pie tin covered by a Tupperware lid were used to make front-end loaders. A Maytag logo was drawn on and labeled Wash-O-Matic and Dry-O-Matic. Dials were made out of cardboard circles and colored black. Small Tide and Bounce boxes were stuck to the top with Velcro. A lint trap for the dryer was made out of a small cardboard lid with real lint glued to it. A small, black hole was drawn on the back of the dryer and labeled Sock Gnome Portal. This is where the Sock Gnome enters the dryer to steal a sock. The costumes were topped off with sweat pants used as hats. They were a hit during Trick-or-Treating at U-Village.

Halloween G-Pod
Halloween Washer and Dryer

Wash-O-Matic and Dry-O-Matic

Halloween Washer
Halloween Dry-O-Matic
Halloween Lint Trap
Halloween Sock Gnome

Ever wonder why you are missing an occasional sock?

Halloween G-Pod 02