OCT 2010 G-POD

Halloweenies - 31 Oct 2010

Halloween Bat

This year's family costume theme was classic toys. Maddy dressed as Twister. Maddy's costume was her design made from the actual Twister game. Brock was Magic 8 Ball made from papier mache, a plastic plate, foam core board, and duct tape. Dane went as the Operation Skill Game complete with buzzer and red LED belly button.

Halloweenies 01
Halloweenies 02
Halloweenies 03
Halloweenies 04

Trick or Treating at U-Village.

Halloweenies 05
Halloweenies 06 Brock and Maddy at school

Brock and Maddy at school.

Making of the Magic 8 Ball

Exercise Ball

We created a papier mache ball of an exercise massage ball.

Magic 8 Ball

During the papier mache, we alternated paper grocery bags and newspaper. The final layer was white printer paper.

Magic 8 Ball 01

Prior to painting we applied gesso around the ball.

Magic 8 Ball 02

We used a plastic plate for the window kept in place with duct tape.

Magic 8 Ball Inside

The phrases were cut from foam core board placed in sandwich bags that were taped inside.

Magic 8 Ball Inside

Hands or removable clear mounting squares held the phrases to the window.

Magic 8 Ball Brock

Making of Operation Skill Game

Operation 01

We started with a cardboard box and utility knife.

Operation 02

We added thin copper sheets held in place with copper foil tape.

Operation 03

Color added with paint and permanent marker.

Operation 04
Operation 05

Stickers made with Photoshop and a printer

Operation 06
Operation 07

Battery pack, buzzer, and wiring duct-taped to the inside of the box. A tweezer touching the metal outside completes the circuit. The white boxes are what hold the game pieces.

Operation Halloweenie Dane

Game pieces were made of foam sheets or clay and glued in place. The LED was placed just below Spare Ribs as the belly button.