OCT 2012 G-POD

Halloweenies - 31 OCT 2012

This year’s family costume theme was Karate Kid. They dressed up as a scene (Halloween Dance) in the original Karate Kid movie. Daniel-san was a shower and the Cobra Kais were skeletons. PVC pipes from our local Maple Leaf Ace Hardware store were cut and shaped to be the frame, spray painted the color metallic copper. The shower head is a plastic bowl with holes drilled into it and pieces of light blue yarn threaded through the holes. The shower curtain was made from a plastic tablecloth. The headband is a white sheet with the flower design and dots colored in with a permanent marker.

Karate Kid G-Pod 01
G-Pod, Aliya

Aliya, Brock, Maddy, Dane at U Village.

Karate Kid G-Pod 02
Karate Kid G-Pod 03
Karate Kid G-Pod 04
Karate Kid Dane

DANEiel-san at the Seattle waterfront.

Karate Kid G-Pod 05
Karate Kid G-Pod 06

Maple Leaf Halloween Parade

Karate Kid G-Pod 07

Pumpkin Pi