OCT 2014 G-POD

Halloweenies - 31 OCT 2014

This year's Halloween theme was a Roller Coaster.

(Video clip below)

G-POD Halloween Roller Coaster Video
G-POD Halloween Roller Coaster Video
Launch Roller Coaster Video

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Length 12 secs.

Roller Coaster G-Pod 01
Roller Coaster G-Pod 02
Roller Coaster G-Pod 03
Roller Coaster G-Pod 04

Maddy and Brock on the line for a spirit point at the end of an Ultimate Frisbee game.

Ghassaei with G-POD
Tracey, Aliya, Sofi

Tracey, Aliya, Sofi

Papa and Maddy
Pumpkin birth

Pumpkin birth

Dane Shower Costume

Dane at school in our past shower costume.

Brief visual guide below on how the roller costumes were made:

Roller Coaster Build 01

Created a frame out of 1/2 inch cPVC and glued together with PVC glue.

Roller Coaster Build 02

3-way PVC fittings with a cPVC connector inside it to make it snug at some of the corners.

Roller Coaster Build 03

Other joints used 90 degree elbow PVC connectors.

Roller Coaster Build 04

Cut an extra large folded moving cardboard box (24in x 24in x 18in) in half found at Ace Harware. Made additional cuts on sides, hot glued the sides together, and applied contact paper to the cardboard. Cut out a hole some my kids could enter from below when costume finished

Roller Coaster Build 05

Hot-glued the cardboard to the PVC frame. The frame should be sized to be a couple inches smaller than cardboard so it sits easily on frame.

Roller Coaster Build 06

Duct-taped a couple pieces of PVC insulation pipe covers to use as an armature or framework for the legs. Loosely wrapped and taped newspaper around the PVC insulation to make the legs. Covered the legs with a long sock-like slipper.

Roller Coaster Build 07

Discreetly duct-taped to the roller coaster bar at the waist and slipped stretch pants or pajamas over the leg frames.

Roller Coaster Build 08

PVC pipe insulation was used as the shoulder harness. Flexible electrical wire was inserted inside to help keep the shape and attached by duct-tape. For the bar, a 1/2 inch PVC pipe covered with PVC pipe insulation. The ends came out the sides of the seat. Hot-glued black fabric around the bottom of the costume to help hide the actual legs of the my kids a bit.