JUN 2019 G-POD

Home - 19 JUN 2019

Brock and Nikita returned home after a year study abroad at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

SEATAC Nikita and Brock
Brock Mom Smudge

Below are some photos from his Swiss adventures:

Arrival in Lausanne! Sep 10, 2018.

Brock arrives in Lausanne

Checking into his dorm room at Maison Ochettes.

Room 432, Maison Ochettes Brock at Maison Ochettes

International Student Swiss Chalet Weekend in Evolène, Sep 2018.

Swiss Chalet Weekend in Evolène 01
Swiss Chalet Weekend in Evolène hikers
Swiss Chalet Weekend in Evolène Lac Bleu

Heading to the Renens Population Office to register for residency.

Renens Population Office

Shopping via the M1 Metro

Shopping via the M1 Metro

EPFL and Rolex Learning Center

Brock at EPFL
Brock at EPFL Rolex Learning Center

Crepes by Brock

Crepes by Brock

EPFL Fondue Dinner, Sep 2018

EPFL Fondue

Paris, Nov 2018

Eiffel Tower
Brock at the Louvre

Vevey, Switzerland. Jan 2019

Brock at the Louvre

Berlin, Germany. Feb 2019. Mmm, currywurst!

Brock in Berlin
Brandenberg Gate, Berlin

Lugano, Switzerland, with Jack and on the way to Italy. Feb 2019

Brock in Lugano
Jack and Brock in Lugano

Milan, Italy. Feb 2019

Brock in Milan

Venice, Italy, with Nikita and Jack. Mar 2019

Brock in Venice
Nikita, Jack Brock in Venice 01
Nikita, Jack Brock in Venice 02

Florence, Italy. Mar 2019

Jack, Brock, Nikita in Florence

Rome, Italy. Mar 2019

Rome Colosseum
Roman Ruins
Roman Ruins Nikita and Brock
Rome Pasta

Vatican City and the Pope-Papa Francesco. Mar 2019

Vatican City Papa Francesco

Mount Vesuvius, Italy. Mar 2019

Brock at Mount Vesuvius

England (London, Windsor Castle, Cambridge). Mar 2019

Brock in London, England
Windsor Castle, England
London Gravestones
Brock in Cambridge, England

Anika and Marcell visit Nikita and Brock in Vevey. Mar 2019

Nikita, Anika, Brock in Vevey
Nikita, Marcell, Brock in Vevey

Brock, Tipsara, Jack. Mar 2019

Nikita, Marcell, Brock, Hobbit Tipsara, Jack

Annecy, France, with his family. Apr 2019

Brock in Annecy, France
Dane, Maddy, Brock in Annecy, France
Annecy, France

Amsterdam with his family. Apr 2019

Amsterdam Houses
Amsterdam Seafood Shop
Amsterdam Canal Tour
Amsterdam Rembrandt House

CERN, Geneva

CERN, Geneva

Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc, Switzerland.

Broc Village
Cailler Chocolate Factory

Ultimate Fields in Lausanne.

Ultimate Fields in Lausanne

View of Lac Léman from Château de Chillon, Jun 2019

View from Château de Chillon

Sauvabelin Tower. 35m high, panoramic view of Lausanne and Lac Léman.

Sauvabelin Tower

Empty dorm room.

Brock Empty Dorm Room New EPFL Sign