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Winner gets choice of babies to diaper.

Our girl and boy have been named:

We will call them by their first of two middle names - Brock and Maddy. Brock is Gaelic for badger. The Badger State of Wisconsin is where Lisa and I grew up. Madison is for the city in Wisconsin where we met. We will abbreviate Madison to Maddy. The second of both their middle names, Merlin, is Lisa's family name. The name Richard is a nod toward tradition, as I am the third Richard George, after my father and grandfather. I wanted to add a twist to that tradition by coming up with a different middle name (or, in this case, 2 middle names). Since Richard Brock Merlin is different than Richard George, we were not sure if the fourth was appropriate. But we can't locate any source that says we can't. Afterall, he is the 4th generation Richard in a row. As for ZoŽ, there is no significance other than we like the name.

They have obtained several nicknames, including the original Paperback Writer for Maddy and Creed for Brock, for the first song and band their parents heard after finding out they were expecting twins. Brock's cousin, Amanda, is partial to calling him Turkey Butt or Little Man. Maddy's mother thinks Flipper suits her, as she frequently makes dolphin-like sounds. While their papa has christened Brock - Johnny Bobblehead - for the way he wags his head as he searches frantically for the nipple and Maddy with the name - She Who Rotates Her Head Before Spitting Up - a la Linda Blair's famous scene in The Exorcist.

Results of the survey last updated 10 SEP 2001.

What is your favorite GIRLS first name?

None of the above
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What is your favorite GIRLS middle name?

None of the above
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What is your favorite BOYS first name?

Richard IV
None of the above
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What is your favorite BOYS middle name?

None of the above
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What is your favorite twin-themed name?

Jake and Elwood (The Blues Brothers)
Brock and Maddy (Wisconsin theme: Brock means Badger; Maddy is short for Madison, WI.)
Cobi and Mia (US Soccer players Cobi Jones and Mia Hamm)
Bram and Raven (Bram is Irish for Raven and name of Richard's favorite author, Bram Stoker)
Xena and Gabrielle (Warrior princess and pal)
Paperback Writer and Creed (First song Richard and first band Lisa heard after finding out)
Say what!?!
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Name Wall O' Shame

Mo D. Grassy - submitted by Mike Trunck
Knoll Grassy - submitted by Robbie Prokop
Lenny and Squiggy - submitted by Mary-Jo Surgess Prokop
Kentucky Blue Grassy - submitted by Paula Conkling
Rolan D. Grassy - submitted by Joanie McGowan Merlin
Graze Inda Grassy - submitted by Mark and Sona Merlin
Blue and Gray - submitted by Becky Causey
Prince symbol Grassy (Artist formerly known as Prince) - anonymous submission