We are hoping to pass along our passion of various holidays to our children. Their father's favorite holiday is Halloween. There are so many wonderful childhood memories of this time of year. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons because of the bursts of color and falling nuts from trees, days getting crisp and cool while getting shorter and moody. Madison, Wisconsin, used to have a huge Halloween bash in the 1970s and 1980s sponsored by the UW student leadership that covered much of the State Street area of the city. You would see so many creative costumes as people paraded by. We used to get dressed up in group costumes and join in on the fun. We have continued that tradition by creating family costumes for the kids. Home-made and slightly cheesy, then all the better.

2017: Spudnik

Inspired by the Friends episode The One with the Halloween Party (2001).

This is the last DIY costume for our kids as they are all old enough to do their own if they so choose.

Dane Spudnik

Dane as Spudnik

Ross Spudnik

Ross as Spudnik

Space Doodie
Brock Spudnik Helmet

Brock wearing the Spudnik helmet.

Maddy The Birds 01

Maddy created her own Tipi Hedren inpired from the movie The Birds.

Maddy The Birds 02
The Birds Tipi Hedren

2016: E.T.

Inpired by the 1982 E.T. movie.

Dane biking with E.T.

Biking version using papier mache E.T. with red led in finger.

Dane wiking with E.T.

Walking version

2015: Swiss Family Robinson

Inspired by an animal racing scene in the 1960 movie.

Brock riding a chicken

Brock riding a chicken as KFC Colonel Sanders.

Maddy riding an ostrich

Maddy riding an ostrich.

Dane riding a flamingo

Dane riding a flamingo.

2014: Roller Coaster

G-POD Halloween Roller Coaster Video
G-POD Halloween Roller Coaster Video
Launch Roller Coaster Video

Size 801 KB, Format MP4
Length 12 secs.
Roller Coaster 02
Roller Coaster 01

2013: Monty Python's Holy Grail

Knight Who Says Ni, King Arthur, Black Knight inspired by the 1975 movie.

G-Pod Holy Grail
Tis but a flesh wound

Tis but a flesh wound.



2012: Karate Kid

Inspired by the 1984 Karate Kid movie.

Karate Kid
Papa and Maddy

2011: Yip Yips

Martians inspired by the Sesame Street television show.

Yip Yips
Yip Yips with cow
Yip Yips and Marvin the Martian

Yip Yips run into Marvin the Martian! It's an alien love fest.

2010: Classic Toys

Inpired by the classic toys Twister, Magic 8 Ball, and Operation.

Classic Toys
Classic Toys 02
Classic Toys 04

2009: Pac-Man

Inpired by the classic video game.


2008: Laundry

Washer, dryer, and laundry basket costumes.

Laundry Costumes
Washer and Dryer

2007: DEVO

Inpired by the 80s group DEVO.


2006: Ghostbusters

Inpired by the 1984 Ghostbusters movie.

G-Pod Ghostbusters
Maddy Ghostbuster

2005: Wizard of Oz

Inpired by the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie.

Happy Halloween

2004: KISS

Inspired by the KISS rock band.

Starchild and Catboy

Starchild and Catboy

Dane Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory: Explicit Babble

2003: Pirates

Twin Pirates

2002: Dynamic Duos

Ladybug and Flower, Batman and Robin.

Dynamic Duos
Sister Zoe and Brother Logan

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