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Paris et London 2001

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Jacques D'action and Randy Hooligan go to Europe. Robbie Prokop and Richard spent a week in Paris and London in January of 2001. It is notable to mention that the morning that we were to depart, Lisa told Richard that the home pregnancy test she took was positive. This pregnancy would lead to the birth of our twins, Maddy and Brock, on August 31, 2001. You mean I have to board an overseas flight shortly after hearing that news? Anyway, the goal of the trip was to attend an English Premier League match. We flew into Charles de Gualle Airport in Paris and stayed at the Hotel Saint Pierre located next to the Sorbonne, only blocks from Notre Dame, in the Latin Quarter. A couple of days later, we boarded the Eurostar train from Gare Du Nord to London via the Chunnel. In London, we stayed at the Vicarage Gate Hotel in Kensington. Besides all the wonderful sights and sounds we experienced as walked around Sacre Coeur, Le Eiffel Tower, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Tower of London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, the Metro and Underground... the highlight was the Arsenal v. Chelsea match at Highbury Stadium on January 13th, 2001.

Notre Dame Sacre Coeur Hotel Saint Pierre
Metropolitain Eiffel Tower Robbie next to Fiat
Pere Lachaise Picadilly Hooligan Bobby Triplets
London Badger blank photo Arsenal
Paris et London