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Our Swiss family adventures in 2019.

Voyage Suisse - 06 APR 2019

Overnight flight to Geneva. 06-APR-2019

View from plane

Brock at our arrival in Lausanne. 07-APR-2019

Lausanne G-POD 01
Lausanne G-POD 02
Lausanne Signs

Grassy scooter in Lausanne. 08-APR-2019

Grassy Scooter

Rental car for day trips to Annecy and Lauterbrunnen.

Jaguar 01
Jaguar 02

Annecy, France. 08-APR-2019

Annecy, France 01
Annecy G-POD 01
Annecy, France 02
Annecy, France 04
Annecy, France 05
Annecy, France 03
Annecy, France 06
Annecy Brock 01
Annecy Dane, Maddy, Brock
Annecy Maddy 01
Annecy Maddy 02
Annecy Maddy 03
Annecy Gelato 01
Annecy Gelato 02
Annecy, France 07
Annecy Maddy 04
Annecy Dane 01
Annecy G-POD 02

Mystery of les boules dans l'arbes (the balls in the trees) solved. Saw many on the drive between Lausanne and Bern. Mistletoe, had no idea. Mistletoe is a small semi-parasitic evergreen shrub which forms large spherical balls (1m wide) in the tops of trees.

Mistletoe Balls

Lauterbrunnen, Mürren, Birg Thrill Walk, Schilthorn. 09-APR-2019

Birg Dane Mom
Birg Thrill Walk Dane Mom
Birg Thrill Walk Mom 01
Birg Thrill Walk Dane 01
Birg Thrill Walk Dane 02
Birg Thrill Walk Mom 02
Birg Thrill Walk Dane 03
Schilthorn Mom

About Lausanne. 10-APR-2019

Lausanne G-POD
Durig Chocolate Fish and Bunny
Lausanne MLK Church
Burger King Dane
Olympic Museum Sign
Olympic Museum G-POD
Olympic Museum Bikers
Olympic Museum Maddy and Dane
Olympic Museum Dane

Guitar Hero and Nikita Birthday Dinner. 10-APR-2019

Guitar Hero Maddy Nikita Brock
Dinner with Nikita

Château de Chillon. 11-APR-2019

Château de Chillon 01
Château de Chillon G-POD 01
Château de Chillon Window 02
Château de Chillon Dane 01
Château de Chillon 03

Foreshadowing Maddy's experience from Annecy.

Château de Chillon Maddy Château de Chillon G-POD 02
Château de Chillon G-POD 03
Château de Chillon 04
Château de Chillon and Dane 02

Montreux and Vevey. 11-APR-2019

Freddy Mercury
Freddy Mercury with Mom and Papa
Lac Leman G-POD
Lac Leman Maddy Papa Charlie Chaplin Poster
Charlie Chaplin House
Charlie Chaplin Grave

Leaving our Prilley-Malley Airbnb.

Prilley-Malley Train Station
Prilly Sign
Tartare Boeuf

Weekend in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 12-APR-2019

Amsterdam Houses
Amsterdam Kibbeling G-POD
Amsterdam Canal 01
Amsterdam Canal 02
Amsterdam Church
Amsterdam G-POD
Amsterdam Anne Frank House

Rembrandt's House

Amsterdam Rembrandt House
Amsterdam XXX


Amsterdam Stroopwafels and Nutella

Dane and Aidan

Amsterdam Rijks Museum Aidan Dane
Amsterdam Rijks Museum Painting
Amsterdam Bike Papa
Amsterdam Tulips G-POD
Amsterdam Tulips Mom and Maddy

Geneva. 15-APR-2019

Geneva Jet D'eau
Geneva Church Pew
Geneva Water Fountain
Geneva Lausanne Sign

About Lausanne. 15-APR-2019

Lausanne Cathedral
Lausanne Cathedral Door
Lausanne Inside Cathedral
Lausanne Cathedral Dane
Lausanne 01
Lausanne G-POD
Lausanne View From Cathedral
Lausanne Gallery Mom
Le Charlot Sandwhich Shop
M1 EPFL Station G-POD

Best fâché French expression. Why? Who knows.

M1 EPFL Station Mom Maddy

Visited Audrey Hepburn's grave and house (La Paisible) in Tolochenaz. 16-APR-2019

Audrey Hepburn Poster
Audrey Hepburn Grave
Audrey Hepburn House

Adieu Lausanne and Brock. 16-APR-2019


Paris, France. 16-APR-2019

Paris Eiffel Tower 01
Paris Eiffel Tower G-POD 01
Paris Eiffel Tower G-POD 02

With our taxi driver, Papa's new friend.

Paris Taxi Driver Paris Eiffel Tower


Paris Louvre
Paris Louvre G-POD

Arc de Triumphe

Paris Arc De Triomphe G-POD 01
Paris Arc De Triomphe G-POD 02

Brock's junior year study abroad at EPFL Lausanne, 2018-2019.

Mammy and Papa's Swiss Trip, Oct 2019.

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