Brock's Favorite Volcanoes Brock's Favorite Volcanoes

Below is a list of my favorite volcanoes with links to facts and pictures.

(January 2007)

# Volcano Location Type Status
1. Mount Rainier Washington, USA Stratovolcano Active
2. Mount Saint Helens Washington, USA Stratovolcano Active
3. Devils tower Wyoming, USA Monolith Extinct
4. Yellowstone Wyoming, USA Caldera Active
5. Lassen Peak California, USA Lava Dome Active
6. Kilauea Hawaii, USA Spatter and cinder cone Active
7. Peleé Martinique Stratovolcano Active
8. Arenal Costa Rica Stratovolcano Active
9. Hekla Iceland Stratovolcano Active
10. Eldfell Iceland Cinder Active
11. Vesuvius Italy Stratovolcano Dormant
12. Santorini Greece Caldera Dormant
13. Krakatau Indonesia Stratovolcano Active

Someday, I might become a vulcanologist!

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