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Below is a list of my original poems.

# Title Author Date
1. Diving Board Maddy G. April 6, 2009
2. Wiggly Tooth Maddy G. April 7, 2009
3. Tulip Maddy G. April 8, 2009
4. What You Hear In Spring Maddy G. April 8, 2009
5. Pollen Maddy G. April 8, 2009
6. Sun Maddy G. April 9, 2009
7. Triumphant Maddy G. April 14, 2009
8. ANGER!!! Maddy G. April 14, 2009
9. A Hot Chocolate Haiku Maddy G. November 2009
10. Crickets Maddy G. November 2009
11. Night Maddy G. April 2010

Butterflies, you puzzle me?

Butterflies, You Puzzle Me,
For as you flit and flutter,
I study you, but never see
The slightest bit of butter.

by Jack Prelutzky

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