Nazca Picaflor


Peru wedding and honeymoon, 1999.
Seattle reception, 2000.


Richard, Lisa, Llama Sacsayhuamam Sacsayhuaman

Sacsayhuaman, a large ruin is situated above Cuzco. Only 20% of the original structure is left intact. After the conquest, the Spaniards tore down many walls to build their own houses in Cuzco. Sacsayhuamán was the site of one of the major rebellions led by Manco Inca. He laid seige to Cuzco and nearly recaptured the city. Cuzco was envisioned in the shape of a puma with Sacsayhuamán as the head. It is built in zig-zag layers with three main tiers.

It's is close to a couple other fascinating Inca ruins. Qenko consists of a large limestone boulder completely covered with carvings, including the zigzagging channels that give the site its name. These are thought to have been used for ritual sacrifice. Tunnels are carved below the boulder, and there's a mysterious cave with altars carved into the rock.

Tambo-Machay is the Temple of the Sacred Waters. It's construction consist of three terraces of fine stonework located in a small, sheltered hollow. It is called the Baths of the Inca because of its canalized springs. This was a site of water worship and purification. Legend has it that if you drink from the ceremonial stone bath, you can expect to have twins. (We tempted fate, drank the water and now have twins!)