Nazca Picaflor

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Peru wedding and honeymoon, 1999.
Seattle reception, 2000.



Chinchero is high up on a plateau, around 14,000 feet above sea level, halfway between the Sacred Valley and Cuzco.

Take a steep walk up a narrow walkway through the market to the colonial church. There you will find spectacular view of the valley and the snow-capped Vilcabamba mountain range.

The Spaniards built the church on top an ancient Inca religious site. The foundation is the original Inca stone foundation. The interior of the church has a glorious gold altar and beautiful frescoes painted by Cusquenian Indians.

This town was home to the Shining Path terrorist group in the Cusco area a few years ago. It is slowly starting to lure tourists back, but there are no accomodations in the town.