Inca Chakana Cross


Peru wedding and honeymoon, 1999.
Seattle reception, 2000.


Peru Wedding
Willoc Wedding
Inca Chakana Cross
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The story begins twelve years earlier in Madison, Wisconsin. Lisa and Richard met while on the ultimate frisbee field in the fall of 1987 and started seeing each other that November. A couple years later, the inevitable questions about marriage starting popping up. So, Richard decided that yes, we would get married on December 31st... 1999.

Years started passing... In 1990, we moved to Kittery, Maine. A year later, Richard moved to Seattle, Washington, while Lisa ended up teaching in Comayagua, Honduras. Lisa joined Richard in Seattle in 1992. The questions still came... "When are you two getting married?", "What are you waiting for?" Richard, being one that likes to stand by his word, refused to waver.

Fast forward a few dozen more months, and all of a sudden, Y2K was suddenly approaching. After all these years of being a couple, we decided that we couldn't pass up on making good on the December 31st, 1999, wedding date.

Since we both love to travel we decided to find an international spot to do our vows. Ireland, Nepal, the Carribean were all in the running. In the end we decided to travel to where neither of us had previously been. We chose the region of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.